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Logo Design

The Clubhouse Restaurant 

Year / 2019

The restaurant, located at the Pender Harbour Golf Club, is a family-run business that values its connection to the community.

Our goal was to create a place where community members could gather, enjoy good food, and live music after a long day on the course or at work.

We played with the idea of the 19th hole, a golfing term that refers to drinks you get after the round, and incorporated it into the restaurant's logo to tie it to the golf course. The logo also includes the round housing, which further emphasizes our connection to the sport.

To add a local touch, the family wanted to include the iconic boat that residents see when entering Pender Harbour. This boat symbolizes the area's natural beauty and ties in with some of the water views that golfers can enjoy while playing the course.

Overall, the restaurant is a reflection of the family's commitment to the community and their desire to create a welcoming environment where people can come together, enjoy good food, and connect with one another.

Clubhouse logo mockup
Clubhouse logo design.
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