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Brand Identity
Logo Alternatives for Holistic Roots Childcare Centre

Holistic Roots Childcare Centre

Year / 2021

Holistic Roots, located in Langley, BC, provides a holistic approach to childcare that prioritizes the mind, body, and spirit of each child. To reflect this philosophy, we created a brand that conveys a sense of calm and safety. The sage green palette, used throughout the building, promotes a peaceful and restful environment for children.

We chose to incorporate the dogwood tree and its flower into our brand as they symbolize strength, rebirth/renewal, and durability - all qualities that children exhibit as they explore the world, learn new things, and grow.

At Holistic Roots, they place great value on their connection to nature. Their curriculum and physical design incorporate nature in a variety of ways, including a natural play area and projects focused on insects and animals. To emphasize their commitment to nature, they printed their business cards on cherry wood - this initial connection sends a clear message that they hold nature in high esteem.

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Stationary created for HRCC.
Holistic Roots Business Card
Holistic Roots Social Media
HRCC basic cover/story photo and profile photos for Facebook and Instagram.
Social Media Advertisements
HRCC branding examples
HRCC design and brand guidelines
HRCC colour profile. Page from the design and brand guidelines.
Iconography created for HRCC. Page from the design and brand guidelines.
Typography profile for HRCC. Page from the design and brand guidelines.
Brochure detail pages from the parent/guardian handbook.
Brochure example. Parent/Guardian handbook.
Exterior Sign for HRCC
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