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Logo Design

New Nerd Novelties

Year / 2019

Our goal for this project was to create a logo that showcases the owner's personality and unique style. To achieve this, we incorporated several elements that reflect their interests and aesthetic.

First, we used a well-known fonts to create the "NNN" letters, which add a geeky vibe to the design. Additionally, we included a stitched look to represent the fact that all of the owner's products are handmade.

Finally, we added a fun, dark detail with the skull needle head. This element is a nod to the owner's darker side and design aesthetic, and adds a bit of personality and edge to the overall design.

Together, these elements create a logo that captures the essence of the owner's brand and personality. We're proud to have helped them bring their vision to life and create a design that truly represents who they are.

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New Nerd Novelties Logo Design.
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