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Muddy Water by Carey Ott

Year / 2012

For Carey Ott's album "Muddy Water," we aimed to create a design that captured the folk-inspired feeling of his music. We utilized a mix of black and white and color photography to create a rustic, down-to-earth vibe, and chose colors like red and green to grab viewers' attention and stop them from scrolling past.

The album cover itself features stunning art by Wayne Brezinka that sets the tone for the music inside. We also created web advertisements that utilized similar colors and photography styles to create a cohesive, recognizable brand.

Overall, our goal was to create a design that accurately reflected Carey Ott's unique style and music, while also drawing in new listeners through eye-catching visuals. We're proud to have helped bring his vision to life and contribute to the success of "Muddy Water."

Check them out here

Muddy Water digital advertisement
Muddy Water cover w album
Muddy Water inside album design.
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