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Italian Day on the Drive

Year / 2012

We had the pleasure of creating an advertisement booklet for Italian Day on The Drive in 2012. This annual event celebrates all things Italian on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC, and we were excited to help spread the word.

Our main task was creating the layout for the booklet, but we also had to create quick advertising designs on the fly to be included in the booklet. This required quick thinking and flexibility to ensure that all the necessary information was included and that the designs were eye-catching and effective.

We utilized bold, bright colors and imagery to capture the spirit of the event and entice potential attendees. The booklet was a huge success and helped draw in crowds from all over the city.

Overall, it was a fun and rewarding project that allowed us to showcase our layout and design skills and contribute to the success of a beloved community event. We're proud to have been a part of Italian Day on The Drive and look forward to seeing the event continue to thrive in the future.

Italian Day on the drive booklet cover

Check them out here

Booklet page layout with advertisements created by Chris Sleightholme and Emma Wilcox.
Layout design examples.
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