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Sionnach Designs Coming


The fox "S" is another form of the company's logo.
Who Are We

Tosaíonn an scéal

(The story begins)

This is a story of a clever fox, who wanted to help as many people as they could. The fox was bothered every day, why didn’t they have energy or time to help as many people as possible? All the fox knew was being able to only help one person at a time. This feeling of wasted potential continued to bother the fox because, the fox was clever, creative, and bursting with ideas. 

Then came a great time of rest! As a great pestilence spread across the land, and the fox was forced to stay in their den. Bored and going a bit stir crazy the fox was forced to confront some of the more difficult questions you must ask yourself. This horrible situation had a hidden opportunity, one the clever fox saw. But will it work? Is it the right time? More questions gathered in the clever fox’s mind. And they needed a walk to clear their head. While the great pestilence subsided, the fox was finally able to walk in the woods to clear their head. On the path, as paths often do, the clever fox reached a fork in the road. As they paused before both paths, the fox noted they both had their wonders, adventures, and perils. To the left a well-worn path the fox was familiar with, one where they knew what to expect. Working to help one person day in and day out. To the right a narrowed path that led to an unknown dark overgrown forest. Surely this path had unknown adventures, grave perils, and an exciting future, of helping as many people as the fox could. 

The clever fox paused at the fork and asked aloud.

Do I go left and find one person to help, and stick to what I know?

or Do I go right and start a path less travelled, in hopes of helping as many people as I can?

While contemplating their possible futures, the clever fox heard a voice coming from the darkness of the woods. A siren's song that seemed to be encouraging the fox to take the unknown. 

“Cabhróidh cuidiú le go leor leat a bheith comhlíonta” (Helping many will help you be fulfilled).

The moment the melody of the siren's voice gently fell over the clever foxes’ ears, a moment of complete clarity came upon the fox, and they knew it was time to walk into the unknown dark forest of possibilities. That their future was helping as many people as they could bring their dreams to life. From that moment on Sionnach Designs was born and the path through the dark unknown forest begun. If you've come across the clever fox and need help reach out below and a clever fox will be in touch 

Sionnach Designs

The clever place to start

A clever fox will be with you soon!

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