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Bbombshell Salon

Year / 2014 - Present

At their salon, "where geek is chic", they celebrate the vibrant and diverse nature of the salon industry. To ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome, we have embraced inclusive design principles.

Incorporating inclusive design has been a key factor in creating a welcoming culture for their staff and clients. Our goal is to promote a message of inclusivity and diversity, and to demonstrate their commitment to creating a welcoming environment.

The business cards have been designed with these values in mind. They offer their staff the option of including an icon design and using pronouns, which allows their clients to feel seen and heard. By providing these options, we hope to promote a culture of acceptance and respect within their salon, where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their true selves.

Bbombshell gift card design

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Bbombshell business cards for a previous location.
BBombshell business card options
Advertisement for a previous location
Bbombshell business card options detail look.
Bbombshell exterior sign.
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